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I don’t know how many of you read other comments by my readers, but this was regarding the post i made on technology. You can view it here

A reader left a really thoughtful comment, and I feel the need to post it here.

“…the more important issue about the advancement of technology is the problem of social isolation. Are people becoming more socially awkward with most of their time spent in the cyber world? How will this affect our society in the future?”

What are your thoughts?

Personally, I feel this is linked to the fact we make use of technology to replace regular meet ups with friends. When I’m waiting for the bus, I text, I’m in my own world, I listen to music. I don’t even bother looking at those around me.

I don’t feel it’s good for a person’s development, as we rely more on technology to live our lives, rather than enjoying the environment around us. We don’t stop to appreciate the beauty of the world in its glory. Let’s say the sun is setting. Instead of gazing and appreciating it, we bring our cameras up and start snapping away, then posting it on twitter or facebook.

I wonder how many hours each of us spend on our mobile phones, music players, or the computer. Maybe it’s time we cut back on it, and start noticing people around us. (=


4 responses to “uses of technology

  1. yeah i agree. i always thought that when people snap pictures of themselves at events (i.e camwhore), it probably means that the event is boring or they aren’t enjoying it.

    • hi G! I totally agree with you! If you’re having so much fun, you wouldn’t have the time to ‘check in’ with 4square or facebook, or tweet soooo much about the event either!

  2. technology has both good and bad sides to it. it can bring people together or create this barrier between them. i will not say that technology is the cause of social problems because people have choices and it’s up to them to decide. (:

    • My sentiments exactly. I hope that people have been using technology to aid their meet ups with people, and not use it as a substitute

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